DREAM – Kobus van Rensburg

Early that morning at 3am I woke up to spend the nightwatch with the Lord.

After some time, I went to back to bed and proceeded to have the following dream. Please note, some dreams are not just dreams. They are encounters in the spirit. You will recognize these as they have the same impact as though they were experienced in the natural. You will feel like “you were really there.”

Love, Ahava Sarah


Morning of the 19 September 2015 [ During the Days of AWE ]

The dream began with a conversation with myself, a friend from my past in Los Angeles and my husband. This friend of mine is a young girl who was born an orphan.

I don’t know her too well but in the dream I was confiding my most intimate thoughts with her.

I have been married for 2+ years now and since then have been living a life of ministry because my husband is an evangelist. The change in my life has been so dramatic in so many ways that I am still adapting and learning.

I’m a private person and I don’t share these thoughts with anyone. I know the narrow path is not the easiest path and we must be willing to truly live a crucified life and let go of all attachments. I know this is part of His refining by fire and there is much to be grateful for.

Also, there are so many who come to my husband and I for help and prayer. My focus is on ministering and praying for others. We don’t have anyone ministering to us, as we have to be strong for others.

However in the dream I actually shared these private, innermost struggles openly with my friend. My thoughts spilled out before I could hold them back.

Then it was time for us to leave, and my friend surprised me by handing me a check.

It was for $1000.

I was so surprised. She’s a young girl. She was born an orphan and has always had to deal with the effects of that. She is in LA without family and is supporting herself so I felt bad about taking her money. I told my husband that I had decided not to accept her money. He agreed.

So I told her, I cannot take it.

She was disappointed.

I felt bad too.

I started to feel a conviction in my spirit.

It was as though I was being shown that she was directed to give this check to me and I was supposed to receive it.

I decided that it would tell her that I changed my mind.

I looked at the check and it wasn’t just for $1000. There was an additional sum below it. The total amount on the check was several thousand dollars.

Before I could let her know, I received a telephone call.

It was from the late Prophet Kobus van Rensburg.

He had some things to share with me.

He was excited 🙂


Eventhough he was calling m on the phone, I could SEE where he was.

Receiving his call made me smile. He just makes me laugh 🙂

As I said, despite the fact that he was calling me on the phone, I could See him. He had thick, long dark hair.

I could See what he was wearing. He was adorned in a long, dark coat that brushed against the floor. It occurred to me that his dressing was very unusual. Nobody in the contemporary world dresses like this. The coat seemed very dramatic and majestic.

Kobus said with a smile on his face, ” Do you remember me?”

I said with great delight, ” Of course I remember you! “

Suddenly I saw a flashback, of Kobus and I sitting next to each other on a flight together. I even saw the traces of the land area we flew too, it sat like a map below the plane. ( In the dream the map & location we had travelled to was so clear to me, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember where it was. I just know it was somewhere in South East Asia.)

I said to him, ” We were just on a trip together!”

He knew I remembered! 🙂 He was just teasing! Apparently we had a very memorable successful trip. And it just happened very recently.

So he began to update me on what was happening.

He was calling me from New York.

Gerard Schwarz conducting the All-Star Orchestra during the filming of their PBS TV special, Manhattan Center, 8/27/12.

  1. He told me that he was heading a GRAND Musical performance! AN ORCHESTRA ! He was so thrilled about it. He was describing it with great excitement. He was in charge, managing the whole musical performance. This was a big event and it meant a lot.

There was more weight to what he was saying … but I didn’t grasp it fully.

The musical performance was an event that it seemed like everyone around him had been waiting for. Much work had gone into preparations for the day. The audience who would be in attendance was esteemed like royalty. It was an honor for him to put it together.

2) Then he began to tell me about a FAST that he had accomplished.

It wasn’t a very long fast. It seemed like it was just about 7 or 8 days long. But he felt a great sense of accomplishment.

I kept this to myself but I was thinking that’s not a very long fast. Why is he speaking about it like it is a great accomplishment ? Hmmm

There was so much happening all at once in the dream …. my friend was waiting …. Kobus was on the line …. my mom was also present listening in !….  there were all these sounds coming from the sky…I was trying to hear his every word too … I had to rush into the RESTROOM of all places to get some peace and quiet so that I could hear his words clearly.

Suddenly as Kobus was almost done talking about fasting, I remembered, OH! I need to tell my friend that I will receive her money after all.

I woke up at this point … It was still very early in the morning and I was still half asleep but I was so happy I had seen Kobus. I asked Holy Spirit please let me re-enter the dream. I want to talk to him some more. NOTE: In the past year I have asked many times to re-enter my most vivid dreams, but it did not occur … This time it finally happened!

Very shortly, I re-entered the dream state.


3) Kobus was standing in front of a BIG BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL TREE.


This tree had all kids of varieties of fruits. There were different sections where you could see the fruits growing in respective areas.

Kobus looked at the tree with a smile. He was choosing the fruit that we would have.

I could see that he had his eye on the BIGGEST fruit.

They were a different fruit I had never seen before.

They looked like COCONUT CANTALOUPES! lol 🙂 Coconut on the outside, but on the inside they were different. It looked like cantaloupe on the inside!

The large coconut cantalopues lay on the top left side of the tree from where I was standing.

I was thinking, He’s ambitious. He’s eyeing the biggest fruit.

There was a man in charge of the Fruit Tree.

He didn’t seem to have any weight and hovered on top of the tree.

In appearance, he was lightly sitting on the top of the tree.

It seemed as if he was both it’s caretaker and gardener.

When Kobus said ” I want the biggest fruit.”

He pointed to the Coconut Canataloupes ( that’s what I called them 🙂 ).

But the caretaker of the tree had to stop him.

He said,

“These fruit are too big and too HEAVY.

They have to stay on the tree for now.

But you can have other fruit first.

The caretaker’s words left an impression and I remember them so well … they are too big and too heavy and have to stay on the tree for now.

The caretaker of the tree seemed like a very good man.

Although he was quite serious and strict about his job.

Kobus remained in good spirits nonetheless. He kept standing in observation as though in deep thought. I could sense wisdom emanating from him.

All the while, a cheeky smile remained on his face. As if he knew he was going to get that large fruit some day.

But he quietly respected and obeyed the caretaker’s words.

And we chose some of the smaller fruits to eat first.


Jeremiah 1:11-12

The word of the LORD came to me saying, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” And I said, “I see a rod of an almond tree.” Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.”



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