My name is Ahava Sarah Fischer.

And I serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Life’s mission is to completely surrender and come into Union with God!

I feel Called and Compelled to create movies, books, content that will advance the Lord’s Kingdom and reveal His astonishing, limitless nature.  Media that will inspiring the Body of Christ to stand up to one’s highest potential and serve Him with living, active Faith.


Born on the tropical island of Singapore, I attained my Bachelor of Arts in Australia, worked as a journalist in SE Asia.

I was a lifestyle journalist/writer for over 15 years. At the youthful age of 28, I was appointed Chief Editor of a health magazine in South East Asia titled PATIENTS FIRST. I also contributed articles for various magazines.

*I am still an active journalist and I occasionally publish health and lifestyle articles to this day.

Following this, I moved to Los Angeles to become was a film/tv producer with an award winning team in the extreme sports arena ( motocross & supercross).

Our team produced 17 acclaimed movies based on ‘THE GREAT OUTDOORS’ series of documentaries sponsored by NO FEAR INC. We also produced the reality tv show ‘THE MOTO – Inside the Outdoors’ that airs on FUEL TV.

* My birth name is Mahira Amir Khan, and you can find my credits on IMDB under this name. I have changed it legally since becoming a believer.

I spent 8 years in Los Angeles. Despite a successful career, I left the extreme sports industry in order to pursue a higher calling. After a rocky search for enlightenment, I was led deeply to Christ and became a true believer.My passion for the creative shifted dramatically to creating inspirational media that serves the Kingdom of God.


I am inspired to venture out to various media content (youtube videos, movies, blogs, books) for the Glory of God.

In addition, I work with my husband in our healing ministry.
My husband Tom Fischer’s ministry of raw street healing videos are published on Youtube.

While we teach & speak at conferences and churches, by and large, we travel extensively to the preach the gospels on the streets. Our ministry is best described as Raw Street Evangelism.

The Globe feels like Home 🙂 but our base is in Charlotte, North Carolina.

YESHUA truly is my Lord and His Will determines my every undertaking.




To sow into my ministry. My paypal address is  ahavasarah@gmail.com


1 thought on “ABOUT ME

  1. Unknowingly the Holy Spirit lead me to click on your movie…Wow! Amazing, awesome, life giving! We actually have some of the oil but didn’t know the full story. Ours hasn’t become empty yet. Later in the day, after I watched the movie, I encountered a twelve foot tall angel and ended up in a heap on the floor. We love you and bless you and want to be part of what you’re doing. Jeff & Julie Riddle (Texas)

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