My husband and I have a somewhat unique ministry. For most part, it’s just the two of us evangelizing out on the streets. Correction make that the 3 of us ! For The Holy Spirit is always very much with us as we share the good news of the gospel on the highways and byways ❤

We pray for people for healing and emotional freedom. On top of that we get a certain amount of exposure online as my husband posts youtube videos of live healing events on the street.

In the past year, we were led by the Lord through a prophetic word, to evangelize through a creative idea from Heaven. Cardboard Box Church was birthed and continues to grow to this day. 

It’s been an amazing journey! I can declare with all my heart that there is absolutely nothing that compares to sharing the good news of our Messiah Jesus.

For Yeshua is the Greatest Gift! And bringing freedom to captives is both an honor and a blessing.

But it does come with it’s fair share of persecution.

You see the enemy prowls about like a roaring lion ever ready to pounce.

It sees that we are not tied to a big organization and tries to use that to launch an attack.

Through time and trials, the persecution has led to an astonishing effect.

They have in fact 

INCREASED my sense of security 

and my confidence in the Lord. 

I have sensed recently that the Lord has poured a greater sense of authority in me … 

The strength and peace that comes with this outpouring amazes me.

HOWEVER, I am well aware that it only came because of the attacks we deal with in ministry.

These attacks can come on the street or through lies told by anonymous, cowards online.The online world is filled with cowardly bullies who refuse to reveal their identity. Instead they use the mask of anonymity to spew all manner of vicious tales.

But the Lord equips His saints … and overpowers all who seek to sabotage us.

When you deal with thugs, 

God gives you bigger weapons.

I notice now that I don’t put up with nonsense. 

I now find myself instinctively looking the enemy in the eye and rebuking it. 

The Holy Spirit has been guiding me. Urging me on.

He tells me.



Don’t tolerate the wicked lies and attacks she launches on those who work for God.”

Jezebel paints herself as being flawless.  

But the Jezebel Spirit is a master manipulator.

RUN TOWARDS Jezebel and let scripture come to Life.


The Victory is written and CERTAIN for those who persist and hold on to The Word. 

Remember that the Righteous are as bold as a Lion.

The Lord always and eventually exposes the enemy and brings it to it’s knees.

Study Jezebel’ downfall is depicted in 2 Kings.

2 Kings 9:33

He said, “Throw her down.” 

So they threw her down, 

and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall and on the horses,

 and he trampled her under foot.

Who does Jezebel influence? 

Note : Jezebel is referred to as a ‘her’. 

But do not mistake Jezebel as only working through women. 

Unfortunately this has been oft misunderstood and I am led to clarify it’s context.

‘She’ is an unclean spirit.

A demon.

A rebellious, prideful, vicious, controlling, lying spirit that has influenced BOTH men and women through the ages. 

This spirit gained it’s name because it is most well-known for influencing the Phoenician Princess Jezebel who was married to Prince Ahab. 

Her evil reign and eventual demise is depicted in the book of 2 Kings in the Bible.

Note that the spirit that influenced Jezebel can influence any human being who has allowed sin in their lives.

A man can have the spirit of Jezebel working powerfully through him.


And from the days 

of John the Baptist 

 until now 

the Kingdom of Heaven 

suffers violence, 

and the violent 

take it by force. 

~ Matthew 11:12

I hope this blog has helped you.


Ahava Sarah Fischer

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