Receive Answers in your Dreams!


“It is He 

who reveals 

the profound and hidden things; 

He knows what is in the darkness, 

And the light dwells with Him.

~ Daniel 2:22 

Journal entry – Morning of Aug 14 2017

How is it that the Lord continues to surprise and amaze me … on a constant basis?

 It would seem that at some point, we would come to expect His ways … but all I have discovered at each juncture is that He is far beyond anything I could even begin to expect.

This morning the Lord revealed secrets in a dream.

I had specifically been asking for answers. 

I had presented my question to the Lord the night before and the next morning my dreams extended it’s generous hand, with a detailed answer!

Though let me add this … the dream and it’s meaning was not clear at first.

In fact, the dream seemed very abstract and strange … yet it was vivid and memorable. I knew I had to remember it and document it. I sensed it was important … eventhough parts of it almost seemed nonsensical.

So it was in the very early hours of the morning that I told myself that I must pen this very strange dream.

But sleep took over … and I dozed off for an hour or so …. before waking up once again.

When I awoke I remembered that I had experienced a significant dream! But what was it …. it had slipped my mind…. Oh no! 

“Dear Holy Spirit”, I asked, “Please help me remember my dream.”

And then I relaxed … I have done this before 🙂 And I knew the Holy Spirit would eventually respond.

In a short while as I waited peacefully…  waves of recall washed ashore … and I began to remember pieces of my dream. 

These pieces fell before me like gems spilling upon sand.

I quickly reached for my phone as my memory stirred … and I scribbled down details as though the moment was pure gold.

As I wrote down the dream, parts of it, seemed to stretch and unravel languidly … 

In this casual repose it finally began to make sense … 

It struck me then. I understood what the Lord was saying!

I CAUGHT His guidance!

Wow! How did I not see it before ?

It was all so clear now.

You see I had asked the Lord a precise question …

And so within the dream … in varied abstract ways, came numbers (EXACT NUMBERS) and clues to people to connect with …. and a certain individual I was being steered away from!

Finally after writing after writing bits and bobs of the dream down,  a clear indication of what the Lord God was in fact directing me to do became very apparent!

( Note: I do not feel at liberty to share the exact details of the dream.

Much information that comes from the Lord often has to be kept secret … 

It is only to be shared for the right time and circumstances. 

Dreams and Visions can only be shared if the Lord gives the go ahead to do so.

There is no need for me to release exact details here. )

And so I conclude and end in an exceedingly high note. 🙂

The thrill of knowing that My Creator is ever ready to offer the answers that I need in EVERY area of my life … has been a liberating blessing to me this day.

The Word speaks of the Light He sheds and the Secrets He reveals to those who obey Him.

‘Call to Me 

and I will answer you, 

and I will tell you great and mighty things, 

which you do not know.’

~ Jeremiah 33:3

His Word is True!

His Word applies to this very day … to this Era that we live in.

It applies to ALL THINGS and to ALL MATTERS in our lives.

To God be the Glory!

For we have the Most Wonderful Comforter, 

the Wisest Oracle, 

the most Loving Father … 

who loves us

and is always willing and available to equip our every need.



Ahava Sarah Fischer

He made known to us 

the mystery of His will,

 according to His kind intention 

which He purposed in Him

~ Ephesians 1:9

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