Put on the Full Armor of God

Recently I found that when I pray privately against the demonic, I use my hands as though I’m whipping a gun and shooting demons down.

I even find myself making sound effects as though bullets are flying.

It just happened naturally. It helped me focus my prayer, heightening the idea that the Word of God is truly a powerful weapon  …. but I did wonder if it’s acceptable to God to pray this way?

I didn’t tell anyone that I started doing this. I would only do it when praying alone.

Last week while Tom & I were on the streets , a very unusual man of God came to visit Cardboard Box church. He said he was a prophet & apostle and shared an amazing testimony. He gave us both some awesome prophetic words.

When he prophecied over me he surprised & blessed me … First he was praying in tongues, then looked at me and laughed with great joy as though he discovered something, saying “YOU’RE A SPIRITUAL GUNSLINGER!”👑

Like I said, I didn’t share with ANYONE how I started slinging guns while praying in the spirit!!! I was reminded that God is firmly involved in everything we do and confirmed that I could carry on praying this way if it works for me! 

Hahahaha :)What a surprising Lord we have! Elohim is GREAT INDEED! 

Love Ahava Sarah 💞💞💞

#gunslinger #spiritualwarfare

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