I DREAM OF JESUS| Glorious Fish + The African King


“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. ` – Joel 2:28




Before I went to bed last night I placed a request to the Lord Jesus. I had been fasting intermittently these past 2 weeks and that night a Great Hunger seem to rise in me.
I had a BURNING DESIRE to see Him again.

A phenomena that occurs when you practice crucifying the flesh is that your hunger rises for things of the spirit. Faith is stirred and expectancy grows.

While I have seen Jesus in dreams … in the past year He has come more frequently, every few weeks/months. I believe this is because I have increased the amount of time I spend studying the Holy Scriptures.

Each time the Lord Yeshua comes, He leaves me with great revelation and peace. And each dream where He makes an appearance, albeit brief, is always heavily decorated with symbolism.

Last night I was hungering for His special presence again. I was at a juncture when I wanted a Word DIRECTLY from Him.

The desire to see the Lord Jesus became so strong, it was an ache I could not bear anymore. 

That night I went to bed …. And it was in the early morning hours when I began to have this dream.


Part 1 – The Interior Place


I found myself in an exciting place that was filled with possibilities, potential and FAITH.

There was an interior area, as well as exterior gardens.

I saw our friend Scott Lee of ELI Encountering Life International Ministries, in the interior area. He had been out fishing and had caught many exotic fish.

He was calling everyone over jubilantly. Inviting us all to come and see the fish he had caught. I got the impression that he was going to feed everyone with this catch

So I went up to Scott to look at the fish he had caught.
He was so happy and excited ! Lol 🙂
He was carrying a large, round, rustic styled tray.


On it, all the fish he had caught were displayed.
They were GORGEOUS!
There was one species of fish that was blue and white with SPECIAL MARKINGS.

It had a remarkable DESIGN that I found quite captivating.
I thought to myself, “This is the most unusual fish! ”

I absolutely loved it.
It appeared that he had caught several of this special blue fish, and they were the majority displayed on his tray.
Though there were a few other species present as well.

Since I had a moment of quiet with Scott I began to tell him about something that was on my mind. An issue that had begun to cause me some concern …

He said grinning , “What Bible Scripture are you standing on?”

As if to say, Relax. That’s all you have to do. Stand on the Word.

His lighthearted, casual response was first surprising to me … but it began to remind me to return to REST.

The Word is all I need in ALL situations. My mind quieted down. I felt relief.


Interpretation of Part 1


NOTE: In the day following the dream I began to search online for a fish that looked like the blue and white fish Scott Lee had caught.

I found the closest counterpart. It was the EMPEROR ANGEL FISH… found in South America, India and Pakistan.

From my research it appears to be also known as the QUEEN ANGEL FISH.

That is an extremely striking fish to come by.



It had the same shape, style of fins and face.

But there was a difference in that Scott’s fish had more intricate markings.

I found that interesting as Scott’s ministry is marked by angelic activity and his international ministry is based in South America and Pakistan.

I feel that the word EMPEROR in the fish’s name depicts that he will be given an audience before royalty due to his prophetic gift.


A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

– Proverbs 18:16




 Part 2 – The Garden


Later I found myself walking out to the exterior area. I found myself standing in a garden … a wonderful faith-filled garden.

There were many Africans in the garden worshipping, praising God.
I saw a man of God who walks mightily in the prophetic Uebert Angel (orig from Zimbabwe).

He was in the garden ministering to the people, giving them water to drink.
And they drank abundantly. There was laughter and freedom!
Uebert Angel was Exuberant.
He had invited his friend to come and bless the people .


Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.13.32 PM


His friend was a KING.
A traditional tribal African king.
Tall in stature.
Absolutely Majestic .. He was dressed in royal, tribal attire.

The King’s presence was announced.
Instantly, everyone understood that a Great King was honoring us with His presence.
He smiled as the crowd gathered before Him.
Instantly, every knee bowed before him.
I had fallen to my knees as well … in awe.

The King began to pray for us.
He released a blessing over us.
I felt THE BLESSING come upon us as a WAVE that travelled over us.
It was a palpable rich substance .
It left me peaceful and relaxed …. And there was a richness to it.


Part 2 – Interpretation of Part 2



I wondered, “This man is clearly a Great King … and I could not help but fall to my knees … but who is he !?”

He was so TALL and regal.

His tribal attire so different from what I’m used to.I had never seen anything like it!


that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 

and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.

Philippians 2:10/11


When I awoke, I contemplated the dream … it began to dawn on me ..He was JESUS.


“Out of the north comes golden splendor;

Around God is awesome majesty.”

 – Job 37:22


He certainly is majestic!

Yeshua has come in many forms in my dreams.

But the recognition that it is the Lord soon becomes apparent.

His Majesty, His Grace, His Authority …and His Peace, are all clues of His presence.

He has appeared in my dreams in the past as His traditional self, a Jewish man with olive skin and wavy brown hair wearing white linen garments and a sash

Yet there were those times that He came as a lion….

Not forgetting of course, the time He appeared as a Chinese man who was a genius. This one makes me smile 🙂

… and today He showed Himself as an African King!

When you dream of or see Jesus, after your encounter, spend some time in contemplation of it.

Contemplate the form the Lord used to reveal Himself.
It’s prophetic.
Catch the symbolism and the depths behind the form, as it reveals a deeper message.

I believe one of the reasons, the Lord showed Himself this way, is my deep desire to go to Africa and minister there. ♥️

If you desire to see the Lord, simply Ask Him.

ASK with PASSION and He will hear you.💕

And I pray that you have dreams that take you to far off lands, into Heavenly encounters that leave you forever changed. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN.
Love Ahava Sarah 💕



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