DREAM – Vikings were black



DREAM 29 Oct 2018
I had an unusual dream where a tall man came to visit me in my home.
He began speaking to me about an unexpected link …..
He showed me that Vikings were linked to blacks/Africans. 🗡 .

As we all know, generally Vikings are perceived as the typical white, blond Nordic warriors.
But the dream revealed something entirely new to me !

I woke up puzzled by what I was shown ….. the dream was so clear and vivid. Whenever I have a dream encounter like this I am deeply compelled to research and document it. .
So when I awoke, I began investigating the Viking lineage online.

I quickly came across some interesting info. It appears that there is strong evidence that reveals that the original Vikings were black ! .
Genetic and linguistic evidence points to the fact that the Celts were black or Ethiopian !


The traditional impression of the Celtic Viking.

(REFER to William and Robert Chambers, Chambers Information for the people, Vol. 2 ,{London & Ediburgh,1884} p.66. “The Celts were originally Black people.” Ephorus –c. 405BC– claimed that the Celts were Blacks or Ethiopians! )

Dr Clyde Winters discusses  this research in his article.

Dr Clyde writes –

“The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black people.

The Celts were originally Black people. Ephorus –c. 405BC– claimed that the Celts were Blacks or Ethiopians. (source) The Celts continued to be recognized as Blacks by Tacitus, who wrote about the Black Celts and Picts in 80 AD. (source)

The Celts on the mainland of Europe were called Iberians or Silures. (source) Though the original Celts were Black, overtime their name was stolen by Europeans. Father O’Growney has discussed the history of the Celts. He makes it clear that the original Celts were the Iberians. (source)

The Iberians were probably conquered by the Ligurians. (source) It is suggested that the Ligurians may be represented by the modern Basque of Spain. (source) The Ligurians took the name Celt.

The Ligurians/Celts were conquered by the Gaulish speaking people. The Gauls conqered the Ligurians and pushed them into Spain. It was these Gauls who imposed their language on the Iberian and Ligurian Celts .

The Gauls were Belgians according to Father O’Growney. The Irish and Welsh are descendants of these Gauls. (source) These Gauls spoke Gaulish or Gaelic. (source)

The Germans conquered the Gaulish-Celts, and Gaulish disappeared around 4th Century AD.

All of the Black Celts in Britain were not erased by the Gauls.

This is supported by the Ivory Lady of York ,England. The reconstruction of the face of the Ivory Bangle Lady (c.350AD) indicates that she was African or Black.

This woman was rich and indicates the African type common to the Bristish Isles.She was highly respected by her white subjects.

There is genetic and linguistic evidence that proves that the Celts were Black or African people. An examination of the language spoke by the Basque has a Niger-Congo substratum. C.J.K. Cambell-Dunn has found a Niger-Congo substratum in Basque. (source)

Dr. Cambell-Dunn found that the Niger-Congo and Basque languages share personal pronouns, numerals and vocabulary items.

There is also genetic evidence linking the Basque and Niger-Congo speakers. Both groups share SRY10831.1, YAP, M2,M173(xR1a,R1b3), E3*-P2, E3b2-M81. (source) This linguistic and genetic evidence supports the African origin of the Celts.

The original Danes or Vikings were Blacks. (source) This is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the region at this time. It is clear from this carving that the 8th Century Vikings were different from the Blond, big bodied folk of Viking legends. (source) “
WOW !! Praise the Lord! He is always surprising me with new revelations and perspectives …. there is a purpose for the information He reveals.

I don’t understand it fully yet … but I will soon. ♥️

Thank you Jesus for the deeply dimensional education that can ONLY come from You! There is so much that only the Holy Spirit can teach us …. He opens up knowledge like a 7D puzzle … and shows us all the intricate ways it weaves together!

****Another interesting part of the dream is that my husband was a Viking in the dream !!!!! The man in the dream told me Tom had Viking blood in his family line Lol 🙂

Ahava Sarah Fischer

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