Of Gossip – Angels carry our words to the Heavens

The Bible warns against cursing and gossip .
Who are the birds of the heavens ? 🦅 
They are the angels
who relay our words
And make heaven aware
of every word that escapes the tongue.
Nothing we say is truly private.✔️
In terms of your personal life 🔥
Refrain from discussing what others are doing.
Focus on making the most of your own life, loving the Lord with all your heart
& serving Him.
Gossip stems from boredom
and is heard from those
who are not living out
their true purpose in life.
In terms of a nation 🔥
This verse also warns against cursing your King. In the modern day context, it would read, “Don’t curse your President.”
There are spiritual consequences for every word spoken & a price to pay for every curse.
None will escape unnoticed. .
“Furthermore, in your bedchamber
do not curse a king,
and in your sleeping rooms
do not curse a rich man,
for a bird of the heavens
will carry the sound
and the winged creature
will make the matter known.”
– Ecclesiastes 10:20

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