Prophetic Dream|MANTA RAY – It’s Time to Dive Deep

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“But now ask the beasts, and they will teach you;
And the birds of the air, and they will tell you;
Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you;
And the fish of the sea will explain to you.

Who among all these does not know
That the hand of the Lord has done this,
In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
And the breath of all mankind?

– Job 12:7/10




This dream came in the early morning of 26 FEB 2019.

My husband Tom and I were on a big boat out in the ocean …

Our job was done, had a successful trip and were about to head back to land

Instead, I told him …


I had an INSATIABLE craving to PLUNGE right down to the very depths of the ocean floor.

It was as though the depths of the ocean had reached out in order to draw me in.

Oh! I could not resist the magnetic attraction it had over me any longer.

Yet I knew there were sharks and other dangerous creatures to contend with … Yes the dangers involved did come to mind … but still, I knew we would be safe.

In fact I could “see” that we would come across a large shark BUT it would not be able to come close and it would not harm us.

I knew I had to go into the unknown … and not allow fear to come close. The grey shadows of fear attempting to mottle pure waters were simply lies to be rejected.

And because I was so compelled by the draw of the ocean, I had no fear! 

I was ready to do it.



photo of bubbles underwater
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As I stood on the boat, I looked across the vast ocean.

A strange sight appeared on my right …. I saw a big, white shadow within the ocean.

Oh! It was a massive beautiful WHITE manta ray just below the surface of the water . I could have missed him because he was so stealthy. Yet once you noticed him, the recognition of his presence struck a chord that ran deep.

Seeing the manta ray made me so happy.

What a blessing He was.

A warmth and comfort exuded from him. I knew he was with us.

Like a friend who would be guiding us and covering us.

He was our marvelous companion for the journey into the deep!


photo credit - wonderopolis
photo credit – wonderopolis




✔️When I awoke I researched the traits of the manta ray.

They have the biggest brains of any fish. In fact their brains are more like those of a mammal. They’re the geniuses of the ocean!

According to “A manta’s brain can be ten times larger than a whale shark’s. Not only is the brain physically big, it’s also large relative to the ray’s body. That’s another sign of super smartness, true of elephants, dolphins and people too. Csilla Ari, director of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, studies manta ray brains and behavior. These rays have enlarged brain areas, she said, associated with intelligence, vision and motor coordination. Some brain cells too, are physically more like those in birds and mammals than in other fish.”

I find this so interesting as the manta ray appears to symbolise the Holy Spirit. And truly the Lord has shown me what a genius He is.

✔️What caught my attention as well is that manta rays, have a unique filtration system that regulates the food they eat. This to me speaks of a fasted life.

I’ve always felt that a fasted life is vital to not only go deep in the Lord but is necessary when serving Him as well.

Oftentimes in ministry, I find that the less I eat, the more energy I have and the MORE I am able to give to those whom I minister to.

✔️Here’s another point that caught my attention.

According to ” When mantas see a new individual, or have intense social interaction, the white coloration also intensifies on their head and back.”

The manta ray in my dream was ALL WHITE. I discovered that in nature, when the manta ray wants to ENGAGE with a new creature it’s white color intensifies !

Wow! Praise God! I received this as a prophetic sign that He wants to engage with me in a deeper way.


red rose on brown wooden surface
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I believe the dream is a call to communion.

A call to go DEEP. To immerse into the heart of the Lord

and to put on the limitless mind of Christ. 


This dream made me reflect over the past few months. This past season has been surprising and fast paced. The Lord truly took me through a BOOT CAMP of sorts. I’ve done so many NEW things, met so many new people, been so many places etc. It’s really been profound. And it’s been so valuable and fruitful too! I’ve had so many divine appointments! And have had multiple invitations to preach in multiple churches from the Filipino, Pakistani and differing Malaysian churches, etc.

I am being stretched in so many ways, pushed to jump out of my comfort zone and move with the Lord at what feels like HIGH SPEED.

Honestly, I was coming to a point where I was wondering how long can this go on ? lol 🙂 A part of me was looking forward to being led into the wilderness once again.


“Therefore I am now going to allure her;

I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.”- Hosea 2:14


Praise God that the dream showed me that the season is set to change.

An altogether new season is coming.


snow capped mountains under the cloudy skies
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He wants me to prepare to SLOW DOWN SO THAT I CAN SPEED UP … 

You will have to meditate on this and understand this statement by the spirit.

Although it sounds entirely ILLOGICAL, the truth is the Kingdom of God operates in ways we cannot begin to conceive.

Our understanding of TIME is merely ONE glimpse amidst a spectrum of possibilities.

I am aware that I sound very abstract at this point.

But please bear with me 🙂


gray double bell clock
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Yes I felt I was moving fast in this season …

but the slower we go …

as we lean more heavily on Him …

as we restrain the flesh to wait ENTIRELY on Him,

ONLY DOING what He makes clear to do …

then we shift into new gears

previously unheard of.

It’s not LOGICAL because it’s SUPERNATURAL.


As G.K. Chesterton once claimed,

a Paradox is the truth standing on it’s head!


The Kingdom of God possesses it’s own realm of “quantum physics” so to speak that would make earthly sciences appear as mere scratchings on a cave.

Our Father in Heaven wants us to come into a deeper knowledge of His Ways.

In my experience, I’ve see how the Lord often gives me a dream before a new adventure in Him begins.

For He is a gracious God. And He gives me time to prepare for the change that is to come.

The bell tolls for the end of the old as He heralds the coming of the new.

Yes the Lord is preparing me for the beginning of a new chapter.
One that signals an even higher level of consecration and devotion .

I don’t know what that will look like or for how long it will stretch.

But I know it will be a time to treasure.

The time is nigh to Draw deep unto the Lord Yeshua in absolute devotion.

For He is worthy to be ADORED & PRAISED!


Deep calls to deep
at the sound of Your waterfalls;
All Your breakers and Your waves
have rolled over me.

– Psalm 42:7



LOVE Ahava Sarah Fischer ♥️



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