DREAM – Giants in the Forests of Malaysia


Photo Credit - Ecotourism-Malaysia-Taman

Early morning 7th April 2019 


It was in the forests of Malaysia … 🌳 A local family lived out in the jungle.

The father, mother and a few children. All very lively and bright.

They seemed to be local but they were an unusual family appearing to have a touch of something special and different I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

The family was very close to each other, graceful and intelligent.

The father was devoted to teaching and encouraging his children to rise in knowledge.

several people dining on table
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

They were educated in England and had somewhat of a British accent.

I found myself invited to share a meal with them.

While we were dining together, the father began to teach  … 

The father spoke to the family about some of the history of the land. He began to teach of some of the generations of men who were here.

He said that there were giants in the forests of Malaysia!

And he showed us depictions of these giants. 

They were massive men dressed in Asian attire. 

The father was very well spoken and graceful.

He spoke using very proper English terms such as, “That’s understandable.”

After our meal, the father was washing the dishes.

I asked him, “Can I help you ?”

He paused … and then said yes.

But it wasn’t help with the dishes that he wanted ….

He wanted to show me something.


He showed me a display of real green leaves.

It was like a piece of art displaying a mini forest splayed on a canvas of branches.

He asked, ” Can you see anything in it ?”

I looked at it and slowly and surely I saw the word FRIENDS.

The Word was Written in the green leaves

Intertwined perfectly amidst the canvas of foliage
I told the father I see the word FRIENDS amidst the leaves.
He was delighted that I could see it !

I was so happy that I had pleased him !

Yes I could see the word FRIENDS. It became quite clear when you caught it!

Although the word could seem to disappear if you looked the wrong way.

He was a wonderful man.

He looked so ordinary, someone who could easily be overlooked, yet he was such an impressionable gentleman …. .
Insightful, graceful, kind, humble with a intensely gifted intelligence.

Yet at the same time he was happy to serve and wash dishes!




Love & Shalom,

Ahava Sarah Fischer



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