A Return to the Garden …


There are so many metaphors in the Bible based on nature.

In the extra biblical text, The Book of Enoch,  we see a prophetic vision of a time when all wickedness and all that is wrong will be destroyed.

The fallen angels will have been judged and led off to the abyss of fire.

And a thorough #weeding out of evil occurs.

Every reprobate spirit and every evil work will come to an end.

Then the plant of righteousness and truth will appear.

The righteous will escape, multiplying in peace.

And the whole world will be tilled…

Desirable trees will be planted … trees full of blessings.

And the vine that yields wine in abundance will appear.

The seed that is sown, will bear forth a thousandfold.

Each measure of olives shall yield 10 presses of oil.

The Garden returns ….

Love ASF 🌹
19 March 2020






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