DREAM | Melania Trump’s Imposter

12 Jan 2021 – Early am

A band of criminals was planning a crime.

One of their female members was impersonating Melania Trump.
She wore a scarf and sunglasses like a movie star
from a bygone era.

Trying to appear as elegant and graceful as Melania.
Though I could see traces of unkemptness
slipping through the facade.

She’s not Melania. This woman was sloppy!
Yet passerbys were fooled by this impersonator.

She walked into a private building that Melania had clearance to enter.

She took her shoes off before entering …
It was an important building. It seemed like a bank.

I noticed she wore mismatched shoes.

Attempting to appear glamorous, they looked expensive from afar. Yet close up one could see they were cheap replicas.

Upon entering the building illegally, she went up to collect a valuable item that only Melania would have access to. I couldn’t see what the item was. But it was extremely precious.

I was surprised that no one called out this obvious impersonator. Couldn’t they tell she was a fake ?

I viewed this from far away … I knew I had to let them know that subterfuge was taking place.

I rushed toward the scene of the crime …. but in every path I was blocked & encumbered.

The members of the gang knew was onto them. They covered every avenue, blocking me from sounding the alarm.

I ran in another direction. Once again I was blocked.

I was furious … but I wouldn’t stop trying.
Yet I felt in many ways like my hands were tied.
these criminals were everywhere blocking the truth from being announced.

Then it seemed that she was out of the building, getting away scot free.

I was exhausted …. lying on the ground , held back by gang members.
I struggled to give it one more shot.
Still I believed !!!
Though I was worn out with the pressure of this assignment

Suddenly the sound of SIRENS sounded …
It was then that everything happened very very quickly.

The police arrived on the scene …Men in uniform lined the street to my absolute amazement .

All this while I felt like I was struggling to get this done alone. I did not know they had been notified & help was on its way this entire time !
Justice would finally be served.

#maga #Trump2021

1 thought on “DREAM | Melania Trump’s Imposter

  1. I watched one of your videos this evening Nimrod founder of the occult? It was very enjoyable and informative. I was able to learn stuff about Nimrod that had did not know. Thank you. I’m now watching another video of yours. Why are the Septuagint Apocrypha important? I came across the apocrypha years ago and did not really look at it as I should have. This year I’ve been looking at it harder and because of the Dead Sea scrolls. The Dead Sea scrolls gave me the opportunity to put some validation in it. So I’ve been off and on studying it. You seem to be right on the money and it’s biblical what you say. Thank you thank you keep up the good work don’t worry about you too or any of those other websites. I have not made any videos or any blogs but there’s been a couple of times where I said God and talk about something and they deleted it they told me I couldn’t do it so they’re bad anyways we know that. Again thank you

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