The Enemy is Exhausted

Dear friends, 

Dear friends,

Things are speeding up.
Momentum is being gained with each week.

I believe something good is coming to the nation fairly soon.

Last night the Lord allowed me to glimpse into the demonic. 

I struggle for words to describe what I saw. 😦 

And if I did have the words, I could not bear to repeat or relay the gruesome scene…

It’s very rare for me to see something like this.

It was very disturbing …. Very disturbing.

I asked the Lord for insight on why I saw such a terrible scene. And then I came to understand what was going on.

It is the demonic realm that is disturbed. It is HIGHLY AGGRAVATED right now.

The Lord has been working through many across the nation, RELENTLESSLY to expose corruption.

The enemy is exhausted.

You may feel exhausted waiting for election fraud to be finalized …. But believe me, the enemy is tormented, on its very last legs, desperately trying to hang on. 

But it won’t succeed. 

It is attempting to take a last vicious swipe at all who serve the Lord. 

Don’t be surprised if a nasty attack comes, it’s a last desperate attempt to get at you before this trespassing spirit is evicted.

If this happens to you, rebuke the enemy ! SILENCE & evict it by the blood of Yeshua.

An attack like this is actually an excellent sign.

Time is short.

I do believe we stand at the closing  chapter. There is already a sense of finality in the spirit.

Something GREAT is coming. ♥️

As the prophet Mark Taylor said  – TIME IS UP FOR THOSE WHO ARE CORRUPT. 

Ahava Sarah Fischer 

23 July 2021 


1 thought on “The Enemy is Exhausted

  1. Perfect word!
    You are so right we have been attacked in many ways, but our God is on the throne!
    He is so good!!!
    May righteousness prevail!!!
    Thank you Ahava.🌿🕊🌿🕊🌿

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