The Hebrew letter DALET or the Greek DELTA

Dear friends,

Of late, we’ve been hearing the use of the word DELTA used liberally in the news.

As if it was not enough that Covid 19 has peppered the media for over a year, and then came the lockdowns that ensued with it. And just when many had hoped that this PLANDEMIC would begin to wind to an end, a new fear-mongering agenda was unleashed.

The DELTA variant reared it’s head and the media warns the public to cower before it. Fortunately, I don’t believe the mainstream media. I believe the Word of the Lord!

However in this article, I will not be discussing my perspective on the plan-demic. It would be akin to diving into a rabbit’s hole, a topic so vast and heated with a multitude of tunnels and burrows, that this treatise would never end! 

My actual intent in this article is to explore the use of the word DELTA, which is especially interesting during the heightened emotions of these times

Though the name may have been coined unconsciously, yet it was not mere happenstance.

When a word is being used often and comes to the public’s attention time and again …. it’s not coincidence.
Very often a popular public term for a major event in the news, it may actually be a prophetic sign. In fact, I’m certain that it very often is.

This is especially so If you’re hearing a word consistently, and the Lord then hearkens your attention to it. That word, though appearing to be tossed around randomly, really becomes a sign from the Lord that lends revelation and insight.

Let’s consider the word Delta, that is topping the news today.

At first glance, one assumes the word DELTA to be Greek in nature.

It is indeed a Greek word however the origins of the word derive from the Hebrew letter DALET.

Now the Hebrew alphabet is entirely fascinating! Every letter of the alphabet is both a pictograph – that carries a great depth of meaning, so much so that an entire story can be read from a single letter. Additionally, each letter also carried a numeric value.

There are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And the Dalet is the 4th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, so it represents the number 4

In the ancient language developed in the 10th Century, it was known as Paleo Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew. The DELTA in Biblical Hebrew looks like a triangle, which is the same shape as the Greek letter DELTA

However, Modern Hebrew, that was revived in the 19th century, the letter DALET looks like a door. In this article, I will be exploring the Dalet as pictured in the Modern Hebrew.

These are the various meanings associated with the DALET.

· Door/Gateway

· 4

· Poor/Humble/Made low

· Raised up 


The letter Dalet looks like an actual Door, hence the reference to a door or gateway.

Consider the shape behind Dalet that appears to consist of a doorpost and lintel .

The Dalet signifies a Doorway, which indicates a change or transition.

Its through walking through a door that we enter a new season. 

And so the Dalet speaks of going out/or coming into a new season.

This door is also the Pathway.

The transition from the physical to the spiritual 


The letter 4 suggests the most simple means of understanding the physical universe.

For example, physically we understand navigation in it’s most simple terms as NORTH, SOUTH, EAST AND WEST.

Also the elements in their most basic form are categorized as FIRE, WATER, WIND, EARTH.

Also consider the Name of God in Hebrew. YAHWEH.

It is spelt with 4 letters

Yahweh – yod hay vav hay

The simplest written reference to the Lord.

The number 4 also indicates the notion of a door, due to Ezekiel 44:4 where we see that the Prophet Ezekiel walks through an open gate in the spiritual realm into a temple.

Also He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD; and I fell on my face.

Ezekiel 44:4

It was also on the 4th day that God created the sun , moon and stars to bring about distinction between LIGHT and darkness.

Sun was set in place to separate lights from darkness and to point to Jesus.

And so the Dalet is also a symbol of the sifting and exposition of evil, that occurs in the presence of LIGHT.


The word Dal means Poor or Simple, weak needy, lowliness , humility.

The root דלל means “to be low” and also means “to become poor (דל), to decrease, to dwindle, to dilute , to thin out”.


If you would examine a door, you will see that it swings on a hinge.

A door opens both ways.

There is movement.

Therefore it is understood that what goes down, must therefore eventually swing and rise up.

Hence the association of the Dalet with the rising of those who have been made humble.

This immediately brings to mind His promises in the scripture, that He will exalt the humble


Looking deeper into the concept of door, it is not just a doorway but it also presents itself as a barrier 


In fact it must be opened in order to walk through it. 

It also delineates the separation of one space to another. 

One territory to another.

One Kingdom to another.

To go through the door and enter into a new realm, we must first recognize the door.

Choose to take a hold of it, open it and then decide to walk through it.

There is a deliberate decision that is required on our part that results in the passing from one realm to another.

John 10:9

I am the door if anyone enters through me he will be saved

There are so many symbolic references here, that the DALET is able to truly weave a fascinating tale.

Let’s now study the Israelites departure from Egypt.

They had to apply the blood of the lamb to the door and lintel of their homes in order to sanctify them and protect them from the angel of death.

The blood of Jesus is what is not only applied on the door, He is the door in itself that we entered in and stepped into, to pass from slavery to freedom.

Extracting ourselves from a corrupted, oppressed Kingdom and entering into His Kingdom that is abundant with LIFE and LIBERATION.

This applies to any season that you’re going through. If you want to shift from one reality to another, step into the presence of the Lord Jesus, the Door or Dalet, that will usher you into a brand new season in your life.


The DALET is also considered to be a gateway to the physical and metaphysical worlds that shape our existence.

Geographically, we can observe a pictoral of the DALET in a river delta! 

A delta is a landform created at a point of change, 

A point where a river enters an ocean, sea, estuary, lake, reservoir, or another river. A river delta is an area that is RIPE and ABUNDANT with lifeforms and is also generouslyt laden with food. 


When you keep hearing the word Dalet or the Greek equivalent Delta it’s a sign that you are at a gateway. You’re been given a sign heralding impending change. A shift is about to take place.

The Dalet is the first & last letter of King David’s name. His very name prophecied of the intense humbling that he experienced through his life. Yet it also certainly delievered the rising up that was promised as well. A a result of surrendering to God through the process of being made low.

So we can learn much from King David here.

In times of humbling, hold onto God through the affliction.

Seek refuge in Him. Remain a passionate lover of God.

Don’t ever grow cold & bitter.

But stay FIERY HOT for the Lord. 

Don’t ever stop believing in the Victory.

Don’t every give up hope in the knowledge that you are in a passageway… and things will eventually shift …

Though in the meantime, surrender to the humbling. 

Let your heart to be made weak .

In due time, the door will swing.

And what has gone down

Will rise up.

Warmest Shalom,

Ahava Sarah Fischer 

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