Get Clean First

Dear friends, ♥️

Personal repentance affects the affairs & state of the entire world.

There is no point praying for the nation , without first acknowledging one’s own sins.

The prayers of the righteous availeth much.

They are like an incense, a refined fragrance that can easily rise to meet and be savored by the Lord….

However the prayers of those who are still unclean, with hidden sin, cannot traverse far in the spirit.

They are easily thwarted, constantly blocked by the enemy and thus cannot arrive before the Lord.

Get clean first. On a personal level.

A refining needs to occur within the individual, before it can evoke prayers that are like a refined ‘fragrance’. 

Confess and repent. Ask the Lord to reveal blind spots.

Everyone has blind spots. Everyone needs to go through correction.

Be humble enough to receive that correction. Be willing to go through the death of self, and let go of what He says to let go of.

The Holy Spirit will show you what needs to be addressed. He will give you the strength to follow through if you allow him to assist you. 

This is how breakthrough comes to a nation. 

Individual Hearts are cleaned first, before the heart of the nation may be transformed. 

In other words, breakthrough erupts in the microcosm first. Before surging and exploding within the macrocosm. 

♥️ Ahava Sarah Fischer 

8 October 2021


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