Wisdom taught Jacob that obeying God is what makes a person really powerful.

Wisdom taught Jacob that obeying God is what makes a person really powerful.

Those who live in sin are weak featherweights.

Severely lacking in the spirit, they are easily knocked down. Easily wounded, easily tormented, even if they appear “powerful” and “influential” in the world. 

You may picture the unrighteous in the spirit, as a jaundiced, emaciated character, starving for nourishment. 

Their emotions devour their peace.
They are constantly in need in some way because they lack a firm and stable footing on Thé Rock that is Yeshua. Neither are they fed by the lavish comfort of the Holy Spirit. 

And so the waves crash and easily overcome them who are not firmly rooted in the Lord.
They are swept away ….

Isn’t it interesting that Jacob is said to have gained this knowledge after wrestling with the Angel of the Lord? 

God allows the righteous who obey Him to eventually gain the victory, even if comes after sore and severe conflict. A permanent reminder of this lesson remained with Jacob via the limp in his hip. 

Warmest Shalom,

Ahava Sarah Fischer

8 Nov 2021

Wisdom of Solomon 10:10/12 Extrabiblical text

Wisdom guided that good man Jacob along the right paths when he was running from his angry brother. She showed him your kingdom and helped him understand sacred things. She also made him successful in everything he did. Wisdom even stood by him and made him rich when he was being mistreated by people who ywere jealous of him. 

She protected him from enemies who were waiting to attack, and when he wrestled with an angel, she let him learn that obeying you, our God, is what makes a person really powerful.

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