501c3 The Covenant with Baal must be broken

Dear friends,
It is never convenient to follow God ….
but it’s absolutely imperative to obey His commands and correction.

Below is a prophecy that was released from Mark Taylor in 2016, warning the church to beak all ties with Baal.
With the current season that we are in, this prophecy has risen in urgency this day…

When a church is a 501c3 they have effectively removed Christ as their head
and replaced Him with the government….

Even if they are a wonderful, fruitful ministry, this is often a blind spot that has not been looked into.

Being in covenant with the government through a 501c3 is an important issue to become aware of. Do your research in this arena.

Once the Lord confirms it to you, bring it to the attention of those who need this info,
who are unaware of the depth of the implications of a 501c3.

Note: There are other options available for ministries
For Eg, Cardboard Box Church is not a 501c3.
Instead, we are registered as an Unincorporated Association with a non-profit status.

Warmest Shalom
ASF 27 November 2021


released through Mark Taylor

The Spirit of God says,
“The 501c3, the 501c3,
those that are eating of it
are not eating from my tree!

For when I told Adam and Eve
do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge
of Good and Evil
for you shall surely see,
so it is with those that eat from the 501c3.

For this demonic document that you have signed
has now made you spiritually deaf, mute, and blind.
Woe to those who continue to use this demonic system
for you will be exposed and purged from this evil cistern.

“The Spirit of God says,
“Can you not see that you are taking a bribe?
They will say it’s all about the money,
and for that you shall be kicked from my tribe!

Taking a bite from that apple has taken you from a spiritual body
to a brick and mortar, and has placed you under the New World Order.
For how can you be a part of my spiritual body when you have cut off my head?

For those that don’t turn will surely fall as dead.
Tear up the contract,
repent, divorce Baal, and re-marry me,

and l will remove the spiritual blindness
so you can once again see.

Come out of this!
Come out of this before it’s too late,
for my judgments are on those systems that I hate.
Come out now for I will no longer tolerate!”
Note: For more info on this topic ,
visit Mark Taylor’s site – sordrescue.com.

Paul Oebel has also interviewed Mark several times on the topic of the 501c3. He explains it very well and assists churches to come out of the 501c3 structure.

1 thought on “501c3 The Covenant with Baal must be broken

  1. Amen Ahava! I have been opposed to the 501c3 status for years and see it as a means for the government to corrupt the church. We are to only be submissive to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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