It Breathes …

Sometimes I feel as though I need to hide away in a cave for a decade to begin to scratch the surface of The Word of God.

There is so much to draw in … and there are simply not enough hours in the day. 

There is so much that He shows me when I get lost in His Word …. 

I often find that I need to take regular breaks of absolute silence … 

just to process it all.

It amazes me …how alive The Word is … 

It breathes … before our hands.

One can almost feel the warmth of His blood within these pages. 

It has constant flow and movement, like a school of turquoise fish passing in a clear river before your eyes. 

That very same verse read a multiple times in the past, may now reveal stunning signs never caught before… 

Yet suddenly they are so bright, they captivate the foremost thoughts of one’s mind !

Lord give me the grace and strength to successfully share some of what you have shown me. 

Ahava Sarah Fischer 

29 Dec 2021


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