When this is over …

Dear friends, I wrote this in my journal a few days ago, and decided to share it here. ♥️

I am so very grateful for 2020 & 2021.

This has been a time of deep internal shifts at every arena and every level. 

The Lord has used this window in history, to release seismic shakings, all for the purpose of making the crooked ways straight. ♥️ 

Within and without.

And what a blessing this has been!

When the pandemic (that is, when this time of testing ) is over … I believe I will miss this season very much…. 

As odd as that sounds, I will miss it. 

It is amidst a time of soberness in the world, that we discover an overwhelming joy in the Lord. 

He is the Rock that we stand on … the one eternal platform of truth that is sure and steadfast, despite the deluge of crashing waves. 

In any and every season, we do not cease thrive and bear great fruit, as long as we remain hidden in Him! 

Experiencing the reality of this … has been priceless. 💎 

May this depth of intimacy continue and  go much further, even after we exit this season. 

May we take the jewels of this time and wear them upon us so visibly that we will never forget what we have gained. 

I feel as though I carry a brand, new heart. What a comfort it is to me… His peace covers us gently … yet powerfully. 

I have no explanation for this or how or when it came to be … but can only surmise that things have changed. 

In an era of darkness 

He rose to shine His light.  

Yeshua dazzled us once again.

And so our love and gratitude for the Lord grew. It grew so wildly that it pierced our hearts …. so that we may never be the same again. 

Ahava Sarah Fischer ♥️

3 Jan 2022


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