The Spirit of Lust is tied to hate …

“Lust is hating women. And those whom man calls lovers, they’re really not. They want to defile women, that’s why (I say) they hate them.” – Bob Jones

Powerful word from the late prophet Bob Jones.
He equated the spirit of lust to a spirit of hatred.

I’ve never perceived it this way …
but it’s very true!

This is such a profound insight into the root of lust…. as unclean spirits often attempt to disguise their carnal appetites.

A person lusting after others and acting on it, satisfies their own desires while using and defiling others.
They have little care or respect
for the sanctity of another’s body
nor their own.

Note: The same applies for both genders of course. Women who lead a promiscuous lifestyle have no true regard for others as well.

Ahava Sarah Fischer
2 May 2022


1 thought on “The Spirit of Lust is tied to hate …

  1. Haven’t seen it that way either. Makes sense to me. Lust isn’t love. Lust seeks to totally fulfil it’s own desires and wants. And so in essence is selfish… an obvious fruit of hate. Love…totally the opposite…wanting to fulfil the desires of the other person.

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