A Dark Strategy | Erasing Moral & Gender Absolutes

The enemy has relentlessly endeavoured to erase moral absolutes in our lives.

Today this agenda has extended into erasing gender absolutes as well.

Demanding fluidity in all things in the name of “liberation” … yet this is far from beneficial .

Erasing absolutes, so as to swim in an ocean of fluidity, only opens the door to confusion …. restlessness, unhappiness and perversion.

I have noticed that when an individual standing for fluidity becomes a public figure,
they often dress themselves with a false appearance of happiness.
Yet this facade soon fizzles out when it is not “fed” in some way by the external world.

They live on applause, likes and celebration.
But as soon as the lights go out, they are left with a dark cloak of misery.
This cloak clings ferociously, unlike the superfluous bright false veneer, this gruesome garb never leaves.

Human being need moral absolutes to thrive.

They are the rock upon which we are firmly afoot.
Just as Jesus is the rock we stand on.
The Rock that is the same today, yesterday and forever.

He is firm. He is unchanging.
He is Holy.
There is nothing wavering about the Lord.

It is His absolute clarity that gifts us a peace that surpasses all understanding.
A peace that does not need the applause of the world.

We are already fulfilled … to overflowing!

“For I, the Lord, do not change;
therefore you, O sons of Jacob,
are not consumed.” – Malachi 3:6

Ahava Sarah Fischer
26 Oct 2022

genderdysphoria #genderfluid #gender

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