This great man will serve as President once again #Trump

This great man will serve as President once more.
It is written in his destiny and cannot be unwritten.

He is halfway through his assignment.
And he has been anointed to see it through to completion.
The mission he was given being –
To Make America Great Again.

It seems to me that since the midterm elections 8 Nov, the political winds have begun to change direction …
Though this was not visible to the eye,
for it happened in the spirit.
Yet it was FELT by many as a great sense of expectation. An expectation of change.

Trump’s announcement today on the 15 Nov seemed to confirm this shift.

In these past 2 years,
we have fallen a slippery slope downhill .
But now it’s time for an about turn.
It’s time to head uphill.

Bear in mind that the uphill battle is arduous.
It may even seem worse at times than the fall.

Yes it may in fact be, the TOUGHEST leg of the entire season.

However the climb UPHILL will be worth it.

We give it our very best. 🙂
Knowing that we will finally arrive atop the mountain to the most glorious views!
A horizon so bright that it shimmers boldly, pregnant with promise.

Only those with endurance need apply for this journey of faith.

Only those who like a child, trust in the evidence of things unseen, will remain buoyant and jubilant,
until the vision comes to fruition.
They have exerted their Faith in the darkest times and over an extended time.
For this they are accounted as righteous.

It’s how we finish the race that makes all the difference.

The Lord God will be glorified in America once again.

For this noble purpose.

Be determined …. to end STRONG. ♥️

Ahava Sarah Fischer
15 Nov 2022

I have fought the good fight,
I have finished the race,
and I have remained faithful.

  • 2 Timothy 4:7

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