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Of Wisdom

“For the very true beginning of her

is the desire for discipline,

and the care of discipline

is love.”

– Wisdom of Solomon 6:17



Dearest friends,

Recently I had a few individuals write to me within the same week, asking for a practice to develop their gifts & grow in Christ.

I decided to share my personal experience with them. I have found that it is those very practices that we do daily that have the greatest impact on our lives.

Most success moguls would tell you the same, that consistency is key.

But this is especially true for our spiritual walk in Christ.

I wrote a fairly lengthy response to one friend in particular. I shared how the Bride of Christ, has to be washed clean to become spotless 🙂

And really, it’s up to us to actively choose to engage in this process of sanctification. The scriptures tell us that are washed by the Word, and we grow to know Him when we Obey His Commands.

This is how we mature and develop, moving from milk to meat as the Lord urges us to do.

I felt led to share an excerpt from my email response to my friend.

I pray that it helps and blesses you too.


Warmest Shalom,
Ahava Sarah Fischer

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I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy.

I promised you to one husband, to Christ,

so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him.

– 2 Corinthians 11:2



Excerpt from my email –

Praise be to God ! I am so glad that you asked me to recommend a regimen. It truly is the key to growing in the Lord. We are being transformed into the spotless bride and it takes our active engagement to see this become a reality in our lives.

The root of the word disciple means to be disciplined. And a disciple of Christ grows in discipline as he or she matures.
I would encourage you to begin with a few small additions to your daily regimen.
As the weeks go by you may add a few more healthy habits as the Lord leads you.
I have found that a simple, “stackable” regimen helps a person gradually adjust to establishing a new regimen.
This makes it practical and less intimidating. And so you’re more likely to help you keep it going for the long term.
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary –
Discipline comes from discipulus, the Latin word for pupil,
which also provided the source of the word disciple.
(albeit by way of a Late Latin sense-shift to
“a followerof Jesus Christ in his lifetime”).


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Here is my encouragement for you –

Creating a consistent daily regimen

is the key to developing spiritual gifts.

Write and print a checklist of all disciplines.

Tick these off daily from Mon- Sun.

person holding gold colored and white jewelry
Photo by Libin Mathsøn



– 15 minutes min – Read Bible out loud

– 15 minutes min – Read Bible silently

– 15 minutes min – SECRET PLACE ( Silence, worship, verbal prayer )

– * 15 minutes min – EXERCISE ( Even light walks are great! ) 

( The 15 minute Rule – The 15 minute minimum seems so easy and doable, it tricks you into keeping it as a daily practise.

Also because it’s short you will be more focused.

Once you become regular with this, you will find yourself going far beyond 15 mins. 

The further you advance in your walk in Christ, you will naturally extend these disciplines. At this point, your practices of bible study and prayer will often go on for hours.

But always keep the basic 15 mins as a marker, so you do not miss a day.

Note : This guide was written for those who are just beginning to commit to a regimen. )


– Speak to and minister to at least 1 stranger a week.

– Fast at least 1 day a week.


Daily Regimen ✔️

1) Read the Bible out loud. 
The Word is alive and sharper than any two edged sword.
 While the tongue has the power of life and death.
Combine the 2 and His power is released in greater measure.
 – 15 min daily minimum
2) Read the Bible silently and slowly. 
This practice is also known as Lectio Divina.
It involves really meditating and contemplating the scripture you are focusing on.
Really feast on His Word slowly and savor it. Taste and see that He is good.
– 15 min daily minimum
– Sit in Stillness before the Lord,
– Worship
– or Verbal prayer
– 15 min daily minimum
**You will find that this daily minimum will grow naturally.
In fact most days, you will naturally extend beyond 15 mins.
Some days you will go for hours.
But begin with a 15 min session daily that is not to be missed,
even when you’re busy or traveling.
This makes it easy to do daily.
The short session of 15 mins is designed to trick the mind
into beginning the practice & maintaining it daily.
It’s so easy to commit to 15 mins.
It’s not intimidating.
Anyone can fit 15 mins of each practice, of their time daily.
4) Exercise
I would also encourage you to include a minimum of 15 min of exercise daily.
Get on that elliptical and use that 15 mins well!
Once again, you’ll find yourself going longer than expected.
That’s the key to just beginning with a small step!
You end up taking more steps, if you would just take the 1st step.
You may choose to add this discipline in Week 2 or 3 onwards.
In this way, you are stacking new habits onto to your regimen over time.
But first begin the process.
This allows you to adapt and establish new habits instilled in Week 1.

Weekly Regimen✔️

1) Speak to a Stranger
Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable on a regular basis.
Until it becomes comfortable!
Being willing to step outside norms, will help you obey the Lord’s leading.
At least once a week speak to a stranger and minister to them.
This can happen anywhere that you happen to be.
It can happen at the supermarket, cafe, at your workplace, etc.
You don’t necessarily need to go out in two’s or in a group to minister.
It can happen while you’re all alone.
And it often does!
The Holy Spirit will use you anytime and anywhere that He chooses.
I’ll give you an example of how to avail yourself to a divine appointment.
For instance, when you are doing your groceries, pause for a moment and say to the Holy Spirit.
” Holy Spirit I make myself available to you.
Use my mouth, my feet and my hands as you wish.
Direct me to those you want to minister to, or have them come to me. “
And then become sensitive and alert to potential divine appointments.
Observe who comes your way and who happens to stop or pause before you.
Or note if someone catches your attention in some way, such that you feel drawn to talk to them.
Keep it casual as though it is completely normal.
Exhort them with an encouraging word/prophecy or pray for their healing.
* Training oneself to speak to strangers is a profound practice that quickly prepares you to learn to step and walk in faith according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
There is no fixed formula.
Choose the fast that the Holy Spirit leads you to.
There is a trusted extra biblical text known as the DIDACHE. It was also known as ‘The teaching of the 12 Apostles.” The work was considered by some Church Fathers to be a part of the New Testament, and is a treatise on the Christian life. 
The Didache reveals that fasting was an integral part of the life of early believers. It relates that it was their discipline to fast 2 days a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays.
As disciples of Christ, we should be willing to crucify the flesh and practice a fasted life.
The benefits of fasting are tremendous.
It affects both our spiritual walk and in our physical health.
I personally believe that in order to live at our highest potential, being immensely fruitful for the Lord, it is imperative to be the fittest version of ourselves.
What if you’re sent halfway across the world at a moment’s notice?
What if you’re led to travel out to the villages of Africa ?
What if the Lord leads you to step out in cold, wintery streets one night to speak to a stranger?
What if the Lord has you pack up and move homes at a moment’s notice?
Are you up for the challenge?
What if you’re ministering in an area where you are deprived of adequate food for a day or 2. Could you bear it?
Be ready for some of the physical challenges that you will have to go through when you serve the Lord.
This involves training oneself to achieve optimal health.
A fasted lifestyle is a means to strengthen the body for all that He has planned for us!
As an ambassador of Christ we need to represent His Ways and His Kingdom.
A Kingdom that is full of LIFE! And so should we be.
On top of this, are the spiritual benefits that come with fasting.
The consequences are profound.
Vivid dreams and encounters are abundant amongst those who fast.
Giftings are imparted to those who willingly crucify the flesh.
Mysteries are revealed to those who live in the spirit.
Not to mention that the Word of God comes alive for the believer who fasts.
It nourishes us with supernatural food.
Jesus said, I have food to eat that you know not of.
The believer who fasts comes to taste and partake of this unseen food via The Word.
If you’re ready to begin a fasted life, here are some examples of fasts that you can opt for.
At least 1 day a week do a 12 – 24 hr dry fast ( no food no water )
It is easier than you expect.
And it’s an excellent habit.


Alternately you can choose to fast on juices , broths and smoothies.
An option would be to have at least 2 days a week on liquids.
For the rest of the week you would eat regular food.
In other words, you would be fasting 2 days every week.


Raw fruits and vegetables ( along with liquids ) .
This is a fairly easy fast, that you may choose to do, anywhere from 1 to 5 days a week.


A third alternative is to practice intermittent fasting during the week.
Choose the window of time during the day where you allow yourself to eat.
For eg, you could eat during a 8 hour interval each weekday.
In this case, you would only eat from 8 am to 4 pm.
( choose the timings that work for you. )
And eat as you normally do on weekends.

Apply your heart to discipline

And your ears to words of knowledge.

– Proverbs 23:12



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3 thoughts on “Creating a Regimen| The Bride prepares

  1. Brilliant Ahava l have shared this

    1. Thank you Ivan! God bless you! 🙂

  2. Mohammed Choudry February 8, 2019 — 6:23 am

    Having been raised in a one religion country and taught one sided views I was unaware of the truths out there and since my retirement and living in the USA for over 20 years I have made friends with Jews and Evangelical Christians in my time in the USA I have been enlightened by the words of the Bible and the significance of the State of Israel in Christianity and the peace that region so much deserves. Keep up the good work with your wonderful work.

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